Top Ranked Safety Headphones for Shooters

Measuring the effectiveness of safety headphones depends on parameters like Noise reduction Rating (NRR), structural flexibility and conformance to ANSI standards of acoustic. These are internal values which can be developed during the design stage. There is one more set of parameters which can be determined only at the real time testing. They are the external elements like impulsive noise levels, environment conditions (obstacles, landscape structure etc) and the head structure of the safety headphones wearer.

Structural Parameters of Safety Headphones

Calculation of the safety parameters need to be done after testing the device in laboratory as well as real time conditions. Exposing the safety headphones to harsh conditions can help in improving the design and development processes over a period of time.

  • Once a device is approved for safety standards and released into the market, the practical conditions of their usage can expose their limitations in many ways. Here the designers’ ability to incorporate the missing features plays an important role in enhancing the product quality and reliability in the long run. But this method can expose the users to risk levels, which can be dangerous to hearing protection and may lead to permanent loss of hearing. Top class safety headphones makers test the devices for all probable levels of destructive noise exposure during the initial phase. This process may take more time and the end products could be relatively more expensive in nature. But they are guaranteed for extended usage under the most inhospitable conditions. ClearArmor 141001 products are highly recommended for shooters due to their proven track record for safety, flexibility and comfort levels for the users.

Acoustic Measurement for Safety Headphones

The time interval between two consecutive gun shots can determine the intensity of noise levels which propagate from the barrel. When a shooter is practicing or training, he may get exposed to noises from multiple firearms. The time gap between shots and reflection from ground and obstacles can be within few milliseconds.

  • According to acoustic experts, the increased frequency of exposure to such noise levels can geometrically increase the risk factors for the shooter’s hearing protection. High quality safety headphones are said to have a high NRR value which can reduce the sharpest of noise waves within microseconds of time interval.
  • For proving the actual efficiency of safety headphones, the experts expose them to the source of shock waves from gun shots, with increasing frequency. The other end of the devices is connected to an electronic sensor which can plot the graph of sound waves after passing through the safety devices. This chart is compared with the other chart of noise waves, when the safety headphones are not used. The differential values are taken as the levels of safety provided by the protection devices.

Effectiveness of Safety Headphones

The net effectiveness of safety headphones is calculated after considering the design and comfort parameters as experienced by the users. Repetitive tests are conducted to ensure maximum quality rating before releasing the product. ClearArmor 141001 Shooters Hearing Protection Safety Ear Muffs are said to be highly recommended for conformance to ANSI standards in all aspects.