Top 5 Full Motion LED TV Wall Mounts

TV mounts are actually the pair of brackets which are screwed on the wall to ensure stability of your LED TV and they don’t vibrate with touch. It just holds your LED TV onto the wall, avoiding the needs of any TV cabinet or TV stands. You can easily attach or remove it from the brackets like your photo frame.  It is completely safe to use them and it doesn’t fall out if it is screwed well. Be sure to check TV size supported, weight limits, and ease in installation, when it comes to find top Full motion TV wall mounts. To get the best LED TV mounts, check here

Full Motion LED TV Wall Mounts

  1. Sanus VMPL3-B Tilt Wall Mount

It is the best wall mount to support even big and too heavy LED TV as it is made of heavy-gauge strong steel construction. It can easily support LED TVs from 27 to 90 inches. It can easily hold around 280 pounds of weight. One can easily tilt your TV as it has very advanced design. It features 3-stud engineering to give added security to the TV. The heavy-gauge steel can easily last for years with no problem. It takes just 20 minutes for installation.


  1. VideoSecu Articulating Full Motion Wall Mount

If you are searching for wall mount to hold around 32 to 70 inch TV, it is the best TV wall mount. It has been engineered to mount large TV with ease. It is sturdy enough to hold the weight of 165 pound with no issue. It is quite easy to install and it takes up to 30 minutes. You can tilt it up and down by 15 inches for better angle. You can even slide the TV right or left to improve viewing.


  1. Mount-It! Premium Heavy-Duty Universal Tilting Wall Mount

If you are looking for wall mount with high weight capacity under $50, it is the best choice. It has got universal design that can easily fit with any size. It is built of heavy duty steel to hold big TV. It can support up to 32 to 60 inch Plasma/LED TV with capacity of around 175 pounds.


  1. VideoSecu Wall Mount Ultra Slim Bracket

It can easily hold small screen LCD TVs from 19” to 32” and even extend the limit to 42”. It can easily hold enough of weight up to 80 pounds. You can also go for smaller version for 15 to 27 inches. It features two plates and has wall plate to attach using screw. Installing it is very easy as it takes hardly half an hour. From wall to TV, it has just 0.6” of depth to save enough space.


  1. Cheetah Mounts APTMM2B Wall Mount

It is yet another bestseller which is designed and engineered well. It comes with a lot of safety features. It can easily hold 20 to 75 inches of TV of around 175 pounds. It comes with 100% lifetime guarantee and you can even tilt it up and down to 1.5” for better viewing angle.