What to Do If You Lose Your Transponder Key in Round Rock Texas?

Transponder keys are very common these days. Almost every car in Round Rock made these days comes with these keys. Transponder keys make it very hard for anyone to steal your car or truck.

Transponder keys are based on an advanced technology, they consist of a chip embedded in the key fob, which sends signals to a small computer placed close to the ignition box of the car. The car starts only if the signals match, and the right transponder key is used in the ignition.

This ensures that a car thief cannot simply use any key to start the car. Without the signal from the chip in the transponder chip, the car will not start. That’s why transponder keys are seen as a very effective anti-theft mechanism.

However, there is a question that arises – what if the transponder key was stolen?

When you purchase the car from the showroom, you will be given two transponder keys. The second key is a spare key, kept in a safe spot. What if that key was to get stolen? A thief who steals the spare transponder key could very well start the car with it and steal it from you.

In that case, you should get the transponder key which is still in your possession reprogrammed by an automotive locksmith in Round Rock. You should also have another copy of the transponder key made.

Sure, you can get the transponder key copied, reprogrammed and replaced by the local dealership – but that would cost you a lot of money. Plus, they require a lot of paperwork to be filled in and documents to be provided. It takes them two to three weeks to complete the task and hand over the new keys to you, as they have to wait for an approval from the car manufacturer.

Instead, if you were to contact an automotive locksmith in Round Rock which deals with transponder key programming you can get the transponder key programming done within a single business day.

The transponder key will be reprogrammed, copied and replaced in quick time in the most efficient manner. The best part – it would cost you much less to get the transponder key programming done by a Round Rock locksmith than with the local dealership.

What if you were to lose the transponder key?

What if you happen to misplace the transponder key, then you can get a copy made by us. Of course, replacing a transponder key would cost you more than replacing any other car key. That’s because not all locksmiths are capable of working with transponder key programming. The cost of replacing the key depends on the complexity of its design, and the make and model of the vehicle.

What if the transponder key is not functioning?

In that case you need to visit an automotive locksmith in Round Rock Texas. They will take a look at it and will tell you whether the transponder chip has been damaged in any way. In that case we replace the transponder key for you.

They will also take a look at the ignition – it is possible there is a tiny foreign object lodged in the ignition which has been hampering the functioning of the key.

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