Hair Extensions San Diego – 4 Most Common Types

Hairs are the primary things that look attractive when you look at someone. Most of the time girls want to make their hairs to look beautiful. Makeup is an art that brings special glory to the body. Hair Extensions are the special makeup material that is used to apply for hairs. This makes your hairs thicker, smoother and shiny.  There are several types of hair extensions available in the market that is used for different type of hairs. This extension will make your hairs to show that it is long. There are some important notes that you need to know about Hair extension.

 These materials are made from synthetic and natural. The synthetic hairs come with silicon coat that brightens your hairs. These are low cost materials and cannot handle the heat. The natural hairs are the hairs that are taken from normal people. This is the exact hairs that can that resist anything what your actually hair does. Here you can have four common types of Hair Extensions Sam Diego where you can take good care on washing, shampooing, conditioning and drying.

Hair extensions san diego Types of Hair Extensions San Diego:

1.      Tape in Extensions:

These are the wide used extensions in the market by many people. These extensions are easy to install by applying glue to both sides of your natural hair. This doesn’t require frequent visits to parlor to make adjustments. If you take best care on these extensions they can be strong to the long run.  Make sure you while using heavy conditioners to the hair because this Hair Extensions Sam Diego will slip while washing your hairs.

2.      Clip in Extensions:

If you want to use a temporary type of extensions for an emergency party or meeting then this type of extensions are best suit for your requirements. You can get best colors and styles in Clip in extensions that you can place anywhere on the head. This will be an added advantage to the consumer.

3.      Micro link Extensions:

One of the most important types of Hair Extensions Sam Diego is Micro link extensions. These are applied around your hair and complete using a metal bead. This extension will give you benefit as you can move the beads up and down to wherever you require. Make sure in this extension also you should not use heavy conditioner as they may slip while shampooing. The setup of this extension requires heat due to the material is made of metal.

4.      Weft Extensions:

Hair extensions san diego

This type of Hair Extensions Sam Diego is applied as the same way of stitching. You can get this material in two different ways by hand and machine wefted. This extension can apply to any type of hairs regardless of hair type. Make sure you don’t have a weak head as the stitching will become tough to weak hairs. Machine wefted extensions are applied to the edge of hairs and hand wefted extensions are applied to the head. These are top 4 types of Hair Extensions Sam Diego you need to take care of.