Durable Chainsaw Electric Powered machine for Tree Maintenance

Working with chainsaw electric powered machine can be made simple after you understand the technical and operational features to practical levels. At the technical level you need to know about the motor, chain, bar and the other accessories. At the operational level you need to learn about the safety features, working speed with load, weight of the machine (affects your operation while carrying it), power chord length and others. Once you are familiar with these parameters you will be ready for the practice sessions. Start with smaller tree branches that are less that 3” in diameter.  Once you get a considerable hold on the machine you can go for larger size branches.

Safety Measures – Chainsaw Electric Powered Machine

  • Most of the safety guidelines of using the chainsaw electric powered machine will be written within the user manual. You need to become familiar with the parts of chain saw first.
  • The chain saw has two hand guards, one at the top and other at the hind side. If you are right handed you use your left hand to grip the top handle and right hand for the hind side handle.
  • The saw chain needs to be free from kickback. That means the friction between the saw and the tree branch should not produce considerable reverse force. This can lead to major accidents. So you need to ensure this safety factor first.
  • 18” guide bar is sad to be the standard size for chainsaw electric powered machines. The alignment of the guide bar and chain cover locking system needs to be perfectly horizontal. This helps in efficient working of the machine.
  • You should never try to operate the chainsaw electric powered system with one hand. This can cause serious physical injuries. Use both hands with firm grip. Wear protective gears and hand gloves while working with the saw.
  • Most of the “kickbacks” occur when the chainsaw comes in contact with the cutting object (tree branch) at the top and digs into the object initially. The resistance generated by the object may cause the blade to stop for a few seconds. This is the time when the reverse force acts towards your body, causing the chainsaw electric powered machine to go out of your control. A firm grip with both hands and a firm feet stance. Stand to one side of the saw while using it. Avoid keeping me straight ahead of your body. Your body weight has to be balanced on both your legs and feet equally. The ground on which you stand ahs to be firm.
  • You need to cut with a constant speed, especially when cutting large size logs and branches. This is a safe way in which you can keep the “kickback” within manageable levels.

Periodical Maintenance – Chainsaw Electric Powered

  • Clean the fuel tank and the oil tank once in 15 days. Plastic parts need to be cleaned with a clean cloth. Avoid solvents.
  • Follow the maintenance instructions specified in the user manual.