Top 5 Full Motion LED TV Wall Mounts

TV mounts are actually the pair of brackets which are screwed on the wall to ensure stability of your LED TV and they don’t vibrate with touch. It just holds your LED TV onto the wall, avoiding the needs of any TV cabinet or TV stands. You can easily attach or remove it from the brackets like your photo frame.  It is completely safe to use them and it doesn’t fall out if it is screwed well. Be sure to check TV size supported, weight limits, and ease in installation, when it comes to find top Full motion TV wall mounts. To get the best LED TV mounts, check here

Full Motion LED TV Wall Mounts

  1. Sanus VMPL3-B Tilt Wall Mount

It is the best wall mount to support even big and too heavy LED TV as it is made of heavy-gauge strong steel construction. It can easily support LED TVs from 27 to 90 inches. It can easily hold around 280 pounds of weight. One can easily tilt your TV as it has very advanced design. It features 3-stud engineering to give added security to the TV. The heavy-gauge steel can easily last for years with no problem. It takes just 20 minutes for installation.


  1. VideoSecu Articulating Full Motion Wall Mount

If you are searching for wall mount to hold around 32 to 70 inch TV, it is the best TV wall mount. It has been engineered to mount large TV with ease. It is sturdy enough to hold the weight of 165 pound with no issue. It is quite easy to install and it takes up to 30 minutes. You can tilt it up and down by 15 inches for better angle. You can even slide the TV right or left to improve viewing.


  1. Mount-It! Premium Heavy-Duty Universal Tilting Wall Mount

If you are looking for wall mount with high weight capacity under $50, it is the best choice. It has got universal design that can easily fit with any size. It is built of heavy duty steel to hold big TV. It can support up to 32 to 60 inch Plasma/LED TV with capacity of around 175 pounds.


  1. VideoSecu Wall Mount Ultra Slim Bracket

It can easily hold small screen LCD TVs from 19” to 32” and even extend the limit to 42”. It can easily hold enough of weight up to 80 pounds. You can also go for smaller version for 15 to 27 inches. It features two plates and has wall plate to attach using screw. Installing it is very easy as it takes hardly half an hour. From wall to TV, it has just 0.6” of depth to save enough space.


  1. Cheetah Mounts APTMM2B Wall Mount

It is yet another bestseller which is designed and engineered well. It comes with a lot of safety features. It can easily hold 20 to 75 inches of TV of around 175 pounds. It comes with 100% lifetime guarantee and you can even tilt it up and down to 1.5” for better viewing angle.

How to Launch an Online Store?

Presently, we are living in a competitive world and the importance of online shopping cannot be undermined to increase the prospects of businesses. Dozens of newer websites are getting added to the domain of the internet with each passing day. If you are also dealing with a huge selection of different products, then e-commerce platform is perhaps the best solution to putting up such large products on sale.


Today, a good e-commerce solution is the need of online business than ever before in this competitive market. It is very important for online shopping website to provide easy navigation and safe transaction for customers. For reference you can visit any of these e commerce websites for better understanding ebay, amazon , Telebrands , aliexpress.

Importance of URL Architecture:

If you want your site to be ranked among the top of the line search engines and grab the interest of visitors, then you should not neglect the importance of URL architecture in any case. Please note that the URL architecture should be as simple as possible and the navigation should be easy so that the users can quickly find the desired products from the online store.


Choice of Products/Services:

In this step, you have to determine the list of all the products and gadgets that the online shopping website is going to deal in. You can also select multiple categories for each of your products, as it will provide much convenience to the user. For instance, if you deal in Caboki hair fiber, then you can place it in health and beauty category of your website.


Product Catalogues:

Product catalogues are considered as the very basic requirement of any quality online shopping website as the Telebrands Pakistan. The product catalogues including the product-based index, prices, special offers, supporting groups and a lot of other features. The most important tool of this category is the Products display.


Shopping Cart Tools:

Presently, the software market is flooded with different shopping cart tools. The traditional shopping cart is the CGI. CGI is easy to use, but it consumes a lot of resources. The other type of shopping cart is the CGI/Cookie, but it has one limitation as it can only run on browsers that support cookies. The third type is the Java Script/Cookie Shopping Cart. This type of shopping cart has also one limitation as it works best with Java enabled browsers.

Payment Gateways:

The real success of any quality e-commerce store is trustworthy and reliable payment gateway options. The payment gateway including the payment options as the credit authorization, financial accounting and other payment processing options. In order to excel in the domain of online shopping, you should always rely on a reputed and trusted payment gateway system.


Order and Shipping:

All procedure of order processing should be very simple, concise and easy. Avoid using too many steps in the process, as it will leave a bad impression on the visitors. This is the fact that all the online buyers will only prefer those online stores that provides convenience and flexibility and if your online e-commerce store fails to do so, then chances are there that visitors might not bother to visit your site again.



Delivery is considered as the most important aspect of any credible and reliable online store. All the terms, conditions and modes of delivery should be clearly listed on the website in a clear manner for reference u can visit Telebrands Pakistan. Moreover, you should also mention your customer care number for more information. Majority of online stores only prefers to deliver the product with Cash on Delivery (COD) mode. In COD mode, you only have to pay the price of the product at the time of the deliver and that’s all.



Inventory listing and updating:

The good and effective management strategy of any quality running e-store is the inventory listing and control. Inventory listing and control includes the database updating, maintenance of inventory and identification of old and obsolete products. Once you have chosen all the tools, software and acquire all the resources, then your online store should be up and running in no time. Now, your e-store is fully ready to make its way to the already launched enterprise websites. Good Luck!

Best LED Shoes for Kids to Buy Shoes Is Back With Improvements

The 90s kids remember what it was like to get a new pair of those light up shoes that would light up the night. But thanks to the changing trends, now the light up shoes is back with improvements. The new LED shoes for kids not only come with beautiful designs but also with many different colors of light. The new LED shoes also come with a battery that has a very long life as compared to the old batteries.

So should you buy your kid a pair of these LED shoes? The answer is definitely yes! Not only your kid will love his new pair, but it will also have its benefits. Most of the kids like to play outside, and it is almost impossible to keep an eye on them all the time. Although playing in the street can be a dangerous thing but not when your kid has a pair of light up shoes on. This will help the drivers to see your kid and will help in avoiding fatal accidents.

Below are some of the best LED shoes that your kid will adore:

  • LED Shoes with Stars and Stripes:

These shoes come with a very attractive design and are best for 4th of July celebrations. The reason is that their design is similar to that of an American flag. They are very reliable, and with the brand name of LIUNA, they will only cost you $40.

  • Multi-color LED Shoes:

These LED shoes for kids come with a combination of three colors which looks very fun and kids love it. Moreover, they also have skate wheels which only make them much more exciting. Apart from that, for those kids who don’t know how to tie their shoes, these shoes come with Velcro along with laces. In just $30, these shoes have it all that it takes for a pair of shoe to have high sales rate.

  • Pink Winged LED Shoes:

As the color suggests, these shoes by CIOR are for little girls. They not only have a very nice pink color, but they also come with wings. Worth only $25, these shoes are definitely something that your little daughter is going to adore. But don’t worry; if your daughter is not into pink color, there are other colors available with the same design as well.

LED shoes for kids

  • Gold Winged LED Shoes:

For the girls who are not into pink color and who dare to be different, these shoes are the best choice. They come with a combination of black and gold and obviously they have wings. Not only girls, actually boys can go for these shoes as well. For $29, they really are a very good choice.

  • LED Flashing Sports Shoes:

Who wouldn’t admire sports shoes that also light up? These shoes work best in summer as they come with breathable material thus helping your kid to avoid stinky feet. Moreover, you can also charge these shoes with a USB port and in $33; this is a very good deal.